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You’re Smarter Than You Think! There are Multiple Intelligences!


In this episode of The Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we will look through the list of what the 9 Types of Intelligences are and what they entail. This will enable you, dear listener, to recognize your own… and even those of the people you might have thought were not the sharpest tool in the shed.


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What makes The Thriving on Purpose Broadcast/ Podcast different from other entrepreneurial podcasts for believers out there?
Well, for starters, we bring you high-quality teachings week in and week out. That way, dear listener, you get the most out of a faith-based podcast as possible. We dig deeper so that you can climb higher.
Digging Deeper to Climb Higher is what we’re all about!
We believe today’s Christian Entrepreneurs are a different breed of believer. Kingdom expanders, as we like to call them, want to shake things up and make an impact for Jesus-Christ by taking back territory from the Enemy. 
Also, we know that believers around the world are starting to wake-up to their birthright and are thirsting for more. They want more of the ‘Abundant Life’ that Jesus promised. Problem is, they often don’t feel like they’re living an abundant life. With money, faith, marriage, family, and business problems; they often feel like they’re surviving rather than thriving. They are thirsting for God's hidden truths, but are not finding them. They are Kingdom-hungry, but never quite satisfied with what they’re getting from church. That’s where we come in. We want to equip today’s believers with the knowledge they need to strengthen their faith, grow their leadership, and learn more about God's Kingdom principles. We want our listeners to thrive!
Welcome to Thriving on Purpose!
Elisabeth & Sebastien