Thriving on Purpose Ministries

Our Mission is to Build up the Body of Christ & Tear down the enemy's strongholds.

Giving you solid Bible teachings about the Kingdom of God, Kingdom Leadership, Personal Growth, Faith in action! We also share messages that the Lord gave us as a ''PROPHETIC CORPORATE WORD'' to share with you!

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                                OUR MISSION



A few years ago, God made it very clear to us that Thriving on Purpose’s dual mission was to Build Up the Kingdom (of God) and Tear Down Strongholds (of the Enemy).


So, our purpose everyday is to Build Up the Kingdom by providing today’s believers with…


  • Powerful Bible Teachings

  • Life-Changing Books

  • Personal and Spiritual Growth Resources for Kingdom Leaders

  • Audio and Video Courses, Podcasts, and Teachings

  • Empowering and Inspiring Kingdom and Patriotic Apparel


But we also make sure we Tear Down Strongholds with...


  • A Passion for the Truth in All Things

  • A Love for the Remnant of God in These Last Days

  • A Desire to Equip the Saints with Knowledge

  • A Drive to Take Back Territory from the Enemy

  • A Calling to Expose the Dark Schemes of the wicked


Thriving on Purpose’s unique flavour comes from years of following God through wilderness boot camps where we got to witness His faithfulness, but also His supernatural favor and guidance. In many ways, Thriving on Purpose is led by the remnant, for the remnant. It’s all about lions waking up other lions for the glory of God!